silent witness of life 35,000 years’ ago

The Potočka Zijavka at the Olševa mountain is the first Slovenian researched archaeological site from the old Stone Age (Palaeolithic). In the cave many skeletons of cave bears and other Ice Age animals were found.

35,000 years ago a primitive man, named Cro-Magnon, also left his tracks in the Potočka Zijavka. The oldest sewing needle, made of bone, and various tools, bone tips, bone flutes, iron ore (ochre) dye and a number of fireplaces were found here as well.

New discoveries show that the Potočka Zijavka was a ritual place of the Cro-Magnon hunters.

Archaeological finds from the Potočka Zijavka are kept at the Celje Regional Museum. By the road leading into the Logar Valley, a permanent exhibition on the Potočka Zijavka can be seen at the Firšt Inn and Museum.

The thematic Bear Trail leads from the Firšt Inn and Museum to the renowned archaeological site. The trail attracts the visitor’s attention with interesting stories and information, among them is the camp of the Cro-Magnon hunters at the Rogar farm.