the harmony of three valleys 

The Logar Valley Solčavsko region is an area which attracts visitors with its beauty, but offers a lot more.

The three valleys are carved into the embrace of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Karavanke: the Logar Valley, the Robanov kot valley and the Matkov kot valley. The Logar Valley and the Robanov kot valley are protected landscape parks.

The Solčava panoramic road between the Matkov kot valley and the Podolševa hamlet connects some of the biggest farms in the entire Alps. From here beautiful views of the chain of alpine tops and the valleys below open up. On the sunny slopes flocks of the well-known and respected Jezersko – Solčava sheep graze.

On the slope of the Olševa mountain the Potočka Zijavka Cave opens, which is an exceptional archaeological site from the old Stone Age.

At the Raduha mountain over the Luče village, the door is open for visitors at the highest tourist cave in Slovenia – the Snow Cave.

There are many other caves in the area, among them the Fidova and Šikančeva zijavka Caves, which have saved many interesting stories from the past.

A sea used to be here. This is proven by the notable fossil finds from the middle Triassic, which are exhibited at the informational centre of the Rinka Centre. The Rinka Centre invites you with various other exhibitions and activities.

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