The Obir Dripstone Caves in Austria are a mixture of charming living dripstones and the enthusiasm for the former mine.

In the Snow Cave in Slovenia dripstones and fascinating ice sculptures can be viewed.

The Potočka Zijavka Cave, which can easily be reached from both regions at the border, belongs to the most important archaeological and palaeontological finds in Europe.

Here bones of cave bears from 35,000 years ago were found. The skull of one of the bears can also be seen at the Obir Dripstone Caves. The cave served as a shelter and a ritual place for Ice Age humans, which is showcased at the permanent exhibition at the Firšt Inn and Museum in Solčava.

The Ice Age hunters camp at the Rogar farm, which is located at the foot of the Olševa mountain, showcases the life of the so called Cro-Magnon humans. The way towards the Potočka Zijavka Cave leads here.